Johnson Park

new-banner-johnsonparkJohnson Park, in beautiful  Rosburg Wa., offers green space/funspace for individuals, families, and passers-by. The grounds sport a baseball diamond, picnic area beneath majestic spruce trees, a nature trail through the woods, and a lot of room to run on open lawns — and a Park-and-Ride lot and ADA outdoor restroom accommodations provide conveniences for the community. The prime feature of the park, though, is the Grays River Valley Center.

Turn north off of SR 4 in "downtoan" Rosburg, Washington.

Turn north off of SR 4 in “downtoan” Rosburg, Washington.

You can, of course, learn more about the park and center by dropping by the library, which has regular hours maintained by volunteers. Ask about our events, sponsorships, what you can do at the park, or what you can do to help.

Grays River Valley Center has no full-time employees, and it does not benefit from a tax base. Its income is generated by the renting of a few rooms in the Grays River Valley Center, from grants and donations, and sponsorships from individuals like you.

The Citizen’s Advisory Board meets at 12:30 PM on the first Wednesday of the month. The meetings are open to the public. Please come and join us.

Donations may be made out to Grays River Valley Center and sent to PO Box 15, Rosburg, WA 98643.

Johnson Park is on Rosburg School Road, just north of the Rosburg Store. Along with Rosburg’s other “landmarks” (the store, the Post Office, the Rosburg Hall by the river) — and institutions in nearby communities, such as Grays River, Eden Valley, Altoona and Pillar Rock, Deep River, and Naselle — Johnson Park serves a friendly community.. 101_0596


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  1. Denise Blanchard says :

    Donations and items Loaned to Grays River Valley Center @ Johnson Park, need to have an agreement filled out and signed. If you do not have an agreement please come in and we will help you with filling out one. You have from October 1 to November 1st to do so. Any and all items that do not have a loan agreement will become the property of Johnson Park after November 1st. Thank you for Understanding GRVC Advisory Board

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