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October 1 Free Family Movie

This Saturday the Grays River Valley Library, in cooperation with the Grays River Valley Center and The Video Store in Cathlamet, Washington, offer an animated PG movie. Starts at 7:00 PM, with free popcorn for the kids. Stop by at 6:30 and engage in the fine dining experience that is hot dogs and/or corndogs!




Hello, By Request

This Saturday’s film is special among recent Hollywood efforts. It was was specially requested!

Remember, it is showing Saturday night here in Rosburg, at 7:00 PM.


Proposed October & November Schedule

Here is a very tentative list for upcoming films. We need to set this fairly firm, soon. Ideally, this week.


I tried, by the way, to place some current documentaries into this list, but most are not allowed by our license. We are also not allowed many of the independent films that are out there. This is something we just have to live with.

Also, there is a distinct possibility that the first October will have to be skipped. There may be no one around to play it! (I am away that whole day.)

Are there any movies, recent or classic, that you would like to see?

timo v.


It is easy to find us on Facebook

We have just set up a simple Facebook user name. See below…


See how easy it is?