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Zootopia, Free @ 7!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

A big hit in the theaters, Zootopia came out earlier this year to critical praise and audience enthusiasm: 2016, 108 minutes, rated PG.

Arrive a half hour early, with empty stomachs and a few bucks per child, and we’ve got dinner taken care for you!

Walt Disney Motion Picture



Zoolander Fest (Free, w/Pizza for $)

A goofy PG-13 movie, and its sequel, if we can manage it in one night!

But first, pizza at 6:30PM.


Saturday Night Free Film

With burgers served at 6:30PM!

Screenshot 2016-06-16 16.43.37


Saturday Night Free Film!

The movie’s for free; the food & treats are inexpensive; the night out is fun!


Kids’ Night @ the movies!

Our first Saturday night event, June 4. (All future free movie nights will be on Saturdays, until further notice.)

HOT DOGS at 6:30PM!

bring a few extra bucks for food and treats and drinks

THE MOVIE IS FREE! (And starts at 7:00 PM) Hotel Transylvania 2.

Movie poster of Hotel Transylvania 2HOTDOG

NEXT WEEK: Hail, Caesar! (comedy, PG-13)